Our visitors will find a friendly and welcoming place to share good times with friends and family; a place to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, graduations and many more. Here you will find the perfect environment to unite the Latino community with the rest of the world

Understand the excellent results that our heritage brings us.

Our cuisine reflects the exquisite blend of cultures. We have reflected it in the dishes we offer, food is at the heart of our culture and we strive to represent pride in the variety and quality of our cuisine and heritage.


Company dedicated to the service of Colombian bakery and restaurant, located mainly in the state of New York, in the cities of: White plains, Portchester, Ossining, Hempstead and in the state of Connecticut in the city of Norwalk.



It was established by a Colombian family with the great purpose of showcasing Latin American food, especially Colombian cuisine.

The first family project began in 2007 in White Plains NY, called El Cafetero Bakery, then a few years later in 2013 opened the first restaurant called Makondo Restaurant ® in the city of Portchester NY, in 2016 opened the second Makondo Restaurant ® in the city of White Plains NY, in 2018 opened the third Makondo Restaurant ® in the city of Norwalk CT. in 2020 opened the fourth Makondo Restaurant ® in the city of Ossining NY, in 2021 the fifth Makondo Restaurant ® in the city of Hempstead NY.

Makondo is a chain of restaurants, dedicated to offer a wide variety of bakery products and Colombian cuisine, which is why we have a lot of varied dishes of all that Latin American cuisine with emphasis on the Colombian.

The name Macondo or Makondo comes from a fictitious town described in the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude by the Nobel Prize winning writer Gabriel García Márquez (qepd).