As Gabo said, the memories of the heart eliminate the bad memories and magnify the good ones. 

Immortalize the good moments by celebrating your birthday at Makondo Restaurant. Celebrate like at home with your loved ones and don’t worry about anything else.

Corporate Events

Celebrating corporate events inside the company is a thing of the past.

Yellow butterflies take over your corporate celebrations to pamper your team.
Recognizing your team’s success, as well as celebrating their actions and special dates is everything your team expects from you. 

Celebrate with us!



There’s always something to be thankful for!

Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to express our thanks for the freedom we enjoy, as well as for food, home and so much more.

Makondo Restaurant is with you during Thanksgiving.


Throughout the year we struggle to find time to get together with friends, family or work colleagues.

That’s why Christmas is such a special month. During the last weekends of the year, we all want to be with the people we share our daily lives with and say goodbye to the year together, that’s why Makondo Restaurant is the ideal place to celebrate during the Christmas season.

Write us and make your reservation, your event will be unforgettable!